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2 thoughts on “BE A GUEST ON THE SHOW!

  1. Hi Rachel — I’ve appreciated your work on the Cooper Lake issues.

    I’m an old friend of Anne Hemenway, who has suggested I contact you about your show. My wife and I just bought a house in Bearsville a couple of days ago. I have been following the water issues for a while as we searched; fortunately this house is high above the area in question and is fed by Bear Swamp Creek.
    I nonetheless am very concerned about the Niagara proposal for all the reasons cited by opponents.
    Right now, we are trying to get the house running—need Wi-Fi, furniture, etc., and various professional services—but will be settling in soon enough. If I can help, please bwrite back.
    Best, Peter Christian Hall

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  2. Hello Rachel- I am IONE- author/ director/ playwright- founder of The Ministry of Maåt- a not-for profit spiritual and educational organization with goals of world wide harmony and peace. ( also see

    We have seen each other through the years at KTD.. way back…

    Author of Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being-An Anthology of Women’s Mysteries
    Anne Hemenway suggested if might be a good fit for your show.

    We are doing Spell Breaking The Traveling Show! with 20 women participating- words, music movement and ritual- at Rosendale Theatre on March 29 t 2PM as a fundraiser for The Ministry of Maåt ( M.o.M.)

    Would love to connect!

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