Hudson Valley Water Grab

Our resources are at stake. All of them, everywhere.

It took for it to come under threat of a Politically supported Tax-Payer-Funded

Corporate-Water Grab for some of us to realize that we are all in the same boat,

we have to think every drop, and our ripples effect.

From our lake out to the Tar Sands and beyond… We are all in the same boat.
Is water the new oil? That is what some of us are asking… 
Woodstock, NY is a small town, and as we stood, looking Corporate Water Business in the face, we recognized that we can use our story to help you with yours…
 Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.11.06 PM
Know that we are standing with you. In solidarity. 
Do we give corporations The power to decide how much, and how many times We pay for our own water?
And how many times do we really want to pay for it?
We’re all in the same boat, and––if we leave it up to politics, Big Oil and Big Water––we won’t be floating for long… And Whew! We need that water to float. We ARE water.
How sound is the infrastructure surrounding the water in your municipality? And how concerned about the protection of ground and surface water are the lawmakers who decide what to do with your water?
Do they feel they have the right sell it to corporate interests?
We suggest you find out ASAP.
And stay on it.
Woodstock NY & Kingston are fortunate to have members in the Town Government that are Diligent about their efforts to preserve our resources… But that may not matter in this case. Antiquated laws and agreements are making it difficult for us, as a municipality, to protect ourselves.
But, a strangely beautiful thing is happening… Citizens and Officials are coming together to work to ward the preservation of our commons.

And because of the massive, all hands-on-deck approach our community is taking, we are realizing models for others to look toward if, heaven forbid, this should happen to you.

Join us. And we will join you.


When Big Water Business comes to your town, watch out! Politicians you once trusted disappear, Officials become puffed with the prospect of notches on their belts, and the little Guy Loses.

When Niagara had drained all they could from the California Aquifers, they started looking elsewhere, and they happened upon our lake, in Woodstock… And, it’s not just us…

Niagara has their eye on other sources and sites in New York.

When we began to reach out to our personal and professional  contacts for help, some of them were busy staving off similar situations in their own municipalities, some took a hands off approach, and some continued to point to the bigger issue, which is that the Global state of our water is––the same as our little small town––in trouble.

We’re all In The Same Boat. Think Every Drop!

With Love,

Rachel Marco-Havens




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