Rachel Marco-Havens hosts THE SAME BOAT RADIO ON Woodstock 104 WIOF LP (104.1FM)

Conversation radio laced with relevant music. Rachel explores the here and now with an eye on the stewardship of our collective commons. Topics vary as she entertains a diverse range of topics and seeks to uplift the voices of people standing up to shift the singularity paradigm to one of unity and right stewardship.  Call-ins are welcome… Sometimes.

Dial into the live broadcast locally at 104.1 fm 5:00-7:00 pm Monday Evenings.— Followed by a rebroadcast on Tuesday nights from 10:00 -Midnight  (And if you are a night owl, Strictly Rockers comes on right afterward 😉 

The Same Boat goes out on live feed via Facebook whenever possible. We enjoy engaging our listeners in the conversation. It’s richer that way.

Speaking with community members, artists and random muses, about relevant topics like: true unity and collaboration, environmental justice, women and youth leadership, Indigenous Rights, sovereign indemnity, decolonization and reclamation, sexual sovereignty, creative and spiritual justice, food sovereignty, divestment, fossil fuel extraction, transport export and storage. Merely skimming the surface of the colliding intersections we are standing smack in the middle of, Rachel facilitates conversations about issues and experience that many are hesitant to explore. When it comes to guests, Youth Leaders, Independent Musicians and artists are prioritized on the show.

The Same Boat Radio has been broadcasting out of Woodstock 104 WIOF LP  in Woodstock, NY since February of 2015 and building a strong listenership. The show and the station each, a volunteer effort of the heart.

We are as freeform as it gets, and we are working to bring more guests and conversation to the airwaves. For a short time, The show took on the name Eighth Fire Starters Radio with the addition of Sachem HawkStorm, Hereditary Chief of Schaghticoke. Distance and schedule made it difficult to continue broadcasting together, but the show was well received and drew attention for possible syndication across the US and Canada.




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On March 30th, Rachel fills space with some fun and humor amidst conversation about current events…

Robin Richardson sits in with me on this airing… He is so much fun!

We learn about the AIM Pipeline from Susan van Dolsen and Courtney Williams which is NOT one to sleep on! Listen to this episode!

In the second half of the show, we look at some current events and speak to IONE and Pauline Oliveros about a performance touching down in Rosendale this weekend. One of the performers is my dear friend Ann Hemmenway.


Tonite on The Same Boat Radio, we mobilized on a Friday night to celebrate this day together on Woodstock 104.1. It felt so good to sit with these three women (Jennifer Schwartz Berky, Rebecca Martin & Elizabeth Simonson) and look forward to the work that is to come… We did it! But there is just so much more to do! “Luckily the women are on it”

Music from Seth Bernard (Active Artisan Community) and Ben Harper (When The People Lead)


Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 12.27.02 PM

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Woodstock 104 is Non Commercial, Community Powered, Pacifica affiliated station, run by a tiny volunteer team.  Birds Of A Feather Media embodies true community radio and commitment to sovereign expression. Right around the time when Rachel Marco-Havens began hosting The Same Boat Radio, the local corporate run radio station filed suit on our tiny station, claiming copyright infringement for using the word Woodstock in the station ID.

We became the little station that COULD—And DO—we ARE Woodstock 104

In this futile attempt of corporate extraction of free expression, justice prevailed, but the station took several hard hits, including the loss of Woodstock 104’s Visionary and Station Director, Randi Steele. The station was her vision and dream come true, and sadly, the last years of her life were spent brokenhearted, defending the right of free speech in the town of Woodstock and beyond. While the station continues on, practically singlehandedly, by Station Director, Felicia Kacsik. Tax deductible donations can be made to the station itself:
Birds Of A Feather, PO Box 104, Woodstock, NY 12498