When Big Water Biz comes to your town, you know it—but many times the people find out when it is, or feels too late.

But it is never to late to stand for the protection of your public right.

This site is dedicated to sharing the stories of corporate water grabs, successes, best practices and supporting communities in vulnerability.

Is water the new oil? That is what some of us are asking… 
As Woodstock, NY (a small town in Upstate NY) stood, looking Corporate Water Business in the face, some of us recognized that our story might be able to help you with yours…
Many stood with us in our time of need—know that we are standing with you. In solidarity. 
Do we give corporations The power to decide how much, and how many times We pay for our own water?
And how many times do we really want to pay for it?
 We’re all in the same boat, and—if we leave it up to politics, big oil and big water—we won’t be floating for long… And Whew! We need that water to float. We ARE water.
How sound is the infrastructure surrounding the water in your municipality?
And how concerned about the protection of ground and surface water are the lawmakers who decide what to do with your water?
Do they feel they have the right sell it to corporate interests?
We suggest you find out ASAP.
And stay on it.

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